Mother, if you can bloody hear me I need to tell you this new split is bloomin’ delicious. Sorry for cursing, I’m just excited okay. Deal with it.

The talented lot in Cast Ashore (Rotherham) and MOTHERCANYOUHEARME (London) have dropped an absolute corker of an EP, I mean, this thing should be sponsored by Acne (Meep Meep) it’s dropped that hard.

The fuzzy tones of MOTHERCANYOUHEARME, sit rather snug next to the well rehearsed and familiar skate punk sounds of Cast Ashore, and there’s no need for a bridge to act as genre crossing between the two. The nice contrast in tones and vocals between the two bands keeps your attention, and before you know it, the EP is over and you need to start again from the top.

In fact ‘Banana Split’ is like a chocolate gatauex, every song creates another layer of pure goodness. It just makes sense, like do y’all remember the first time you tried cookie dough, well this EP is just that. Apologies if you don’t like cookie dough, sometimes people are wrong… you.

Cool, dessert references are done now anyway.

MOTHERCANYOUHEARME play the part the predrinks when everyone gets to know each other and Cast Ashore are the party where you tell some dude you’ve just met that you love him.

Basically… Add this EP to your favourites, turn it up loud and just feel good. In fact, not good, GR8!

You can catch Cast Ashore at The Mulberry in Sheffield with WACO and Havelocke on 21st May 2018, kicking off at 7pm with a cover charge of £5.

by Josh Drury