Emo Punx Havelocke release HUGE new track ‘Dogma’

Dogma backwards is AMGOD and there’s good reason… This song is biblical. 

This new banger from our friends in Havelocke has firmly cemented them as one of the best Sheffield bands on the scene right now. Not in two years, not last week, NOW. So make sure you go and see, support, marry, invite to family outings, book a weekend away and everything in-between this band. Please. For us?

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Cast Ashore join MOTHERCANYOUHEARME for a delicious ‘Banana Split’

Mother, if you can bloody hear me I need to tell you this new split is bloomin’ delicious. Sorry for cursing, I’m just excited okay. Deal with it.

The talented lot in Cast Ashore (Rotherham) and MOTHERCANYOUHEARME (London) have dropped an absolute corker of an EP, I mean, this thing should be sponsored by Acne (Meep Meep) it’s dropped that hard.

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