Dogma backwards is AMGOD and there’s good reason… This song is biblical. 

This new banger from our friends in Havelocke has firmly cemented them as one of the best Sheffield bands on the scene right now. Not in two years, not last week, NOW. So make sure you go and see, support, marry, invite to family outings, book a weekend away and everything in-between this band. Please. For us?

With some serious 00’s emo vibes, this doesn’t sound like a band that’s fucking around. More like a band that have been around, producing banger upon banger for years, crafting their style and releasing the next dirty emo night anthem.

On a serious, and sad note, the lyrics of this song will hit a note with many of us who struggle with our own thoughts and feelings. Like many, I am guilty of reflecting my own demons by focusing on helping others fight off theirs knowing I’m slowly becoming defeated by my inner voice. The one that scratches you from the inside. And this song is all about that.

It’s reassuring to know we’re not the only ones. It’s okay for us to shout about it, sing about it and fucking scream at a gig about it, because we’re not okay, and that’s okay.

Just remember, you can be selfish and you can put yourself first.

by Josh Drury