Cast Ashore join MOTHERCANYOUHEARME for a delicious ‘Banana Split’

Mother, if you can bloody hear me I need to tell you this new split is bloomin’ delicious. Sorry for cursing, I’m just excited okay. Deal with it.

The talented lot in Cast Ashore (Rotherham) and MOTHERCANYOUHEARME (London) have dropped an absolute corker of an EP, I mean, this thing should be sponsored by Acne (Meep Meep) it’s dropped that hard.

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This Party Sucks release 2017 Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD)

After the success of last years online compilation, we’ve decided to release another, showcasing tracks from the best pop punk and emo bands in our region.

It’s packed full of our best friends and bands who we believe could be touring the world one day. No one can say their isn’t talent on our doorstep when you look at this line up…

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