South Yorkshire’s Pop-Punk & Emo collective, This Party Sucks, has released a one-off compilation mixtape showcasing tracks from the best bands in the region.

The online mixtape features exclusive and unreleased tracks from O Captain, Cast Ashore, Cadavers, Shark Bait and River City, in addition to previously released tracks from Mathletics, Thumbuster, Fierce Morgan and more.
The ‘This Party Sucks 2016 Mixtape’, in association with Toolmakers Recording Studio, will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD from 2pm 30th April 2016 through This Party Sucks’ website and Bandcamp.

The exclusive tracks in more detail..

The first track on the mixtape is from Sheffield band O Captain with their unreleased and exclusive track ‘Rotten In Denmark’. There are no plans to include the track on any future release; this is a pure exclusive for the compilation.

The well-travelled and well-loved Indie-Emo quartet, with influences from Jimmy Eat World, The Hotelier and Into It Over It, recorded the track in Sheffield at Toolmakers Recording Studio.

O Captain are currently promoting the release of their upcoming EP ‘Within & Without’, which will be available through Alya Records on 6th May.

Cast Ashore, a 4-piece Emo-Punk band from Rotherham, feature an unreleased track from their newest, untitled EP.

THIS PARTY SUCKS MIXTAPE 2016 COVERThe track was recorded by the band in their home studio, before being mixed and mastered by Toolmakers Recording Studio. Cast Ashore are probably one of the most under-rated bands in the UK Pop Punk scene and if this new track is anything to go by, the release of their new EP should see them get the recognition they deserve.

This Party Sucks has always believed that Sheffield band Cadavers offer Punk music the greatest chance of a true comeback, and the featured track on this mixtape doesn’t just strengthen that belief, but confirms it. The track ‘Fashion Kills’, from their unreleased, DIY album is raunchy, LOUD and oozes punk. The political landscape of the UK and its people need this band.

The compilation also marks the return of Rotherham Punk-Rockers River City and their unreleased track ‘Wesker’. Following a short hiatus the band has returned as a three piece with a raw, hard hitting sound.

The final unreleased track comes from Doncaster’s Eascycore unit Shark Bait, who’re yet to play a show or release any music, however there was no question about the inclusion of this track. Featuring ex-members from a number of defunct local bands, the track ‘Charlie & The Waitress’ from their first unreleased EP, tells us that Shark Bait are a band to look out for over the coming months.

Track Listing

This collection of songs is the perfect representation of a scene that loves its cross-genres, featuring everything from twinkly Indie-Emo to Punk rock and more.

  1. O CaptainRotten In Denmark (Exclusive)
  2. Bad BloodUp Sycamore
  3. Cast AshoreThere’s More To Me (Unreleased)
  4. Fierce MorganElders
  5. CadaversFashion Kills (Unreleased)
  6. River CityWesker (Unreleased)
  7. ThumbusterFoam
  8. MathleticsNoah Vs The Whale
  9. Seconds ApartYoung/Naïve
  10. Shark BaitCharlie & The Waitress (Unreleased)
  11. Taxi For BobIf You’re Not Dreaming You’re Just Sleeping
  12. No More NostalgiaTalking

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